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We Are Creative

Vuco coins aim is to deliver magical innovations globally using our current group of OTT specialists and STO Blockchain professionals through creative design and app development. With Vuco TV any Mobile device or TV screen becomes more interactive. Moreover the People who watch TV and Listen to Music will earn money doing what they love to do. Vuco Coin is a creation invented by Vuco Media Corp Limited, that pays you to listen to music and watch TV using a new artificial intelligence called pay per you.

We Are Innovative

Today, digital innovation is at the heart of every organization. You need to digitize internal operations to do things better, faster, and cheaper; find new ways to engage users; and bring new products and services to market. But driving digital innovation is hard work. Changing market conditions mean that you’re planning around a moving target, and with disruptive startups popping up all over, competition is mounting. You need a faster path to transform your innovative new ideas into winning applications. That’s where digital innovation platforms come in and Vuco coin wins.

We Are Professional

Professional oaths are arguably the oldest form of ethics management, going back at least as far as to Hippocrates of Kos (c. 400 BCE). They are promises made during public ceremonies that exhort oath-takers to treat the oath’s beneficiaries in ways consistent with the highest form of professionalism.
Vuco coin also follows a Professional oath that has been carefully designed to foster professionalism and facilitate moral deliberation. Vuco TV pay per you model enhances compliance with professional standards. Prominent examples of mainstream professional oaths are the people who have an MBA who give the MBA Oath, or the all-important Bankers Oath (part of law in the Netherlands), and the Hippocratic oath. Vuuzle TV using Vuco coin is a winning crypto currency ready to become the best example of a power backed security token under the Vuco Name backed by the highest form of Professionalism.

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By Vuco Tv


Vuco.TV is an enterprise OTT TV entertainment platform streaming service that offers live video content. Vuco TV Channel provides you news, entertainment, fashion & music from all over the world. View the latest breaking news and videos straight from the entertainment industry. The site is updated everyday for your daily source of knowledge on the outside world.

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President of Vuuzle | John Robert Lamb | Vuco Cash
John Robert Lamb

President and CEO

Abdelrehman DK


Ahmed Saloom
Ahmed Saloom


Irfan Pasha Producer at Vuuzle Film Productions Dubai
Irfan Pasha


Vumu Music

music streaming application | Vumu Music | Vuco Cash

Vumu - Music with Vibe!

Vuco Media Corp, in partnership with Vumu Music LLC, empowers this brand new music streaming application that will bring music to everyone around the world for FREE. Vumu can reach a wide variety of audience with different genre available to onboard.

With Vumu Music being FREE & Unlimited you can play as much Popular Music,Hip-Hop, Classical, Pop, Rock, Country and electronic music as much as you want from all around the world!

*Available for FREE downloads in Google Play and Apple Store. Users of all ages, especially the Millenials and Gen Z streamers will surely love this one of a kind stuff.

Vuco Coin

best crypto coins | Vuco Coin

What is VUCO?

VUCO, which means, “Vuco coins” will be available on several marketplaces where a new breed of investors is gobbling up shares in company’s all over the world through tokenization backed up by Bitcoin or Ethereum. It can be exchanged on a “1 for 1 basis,” meaning one share of Vcuo Media Corp is equal to one “VUCO” security token.

How It Works

Tokenization is the process of representing your Vuco shares on a digital infrastructure. Vuco Media Corp will pledge all of its assets currently being held in Rak ICC Offshore. Vuuzle Media Corp Sweden is creating security tokens that can be exchanged on a, “1 for 1 basis,” meaning 1 share of VMC is equal to one “VUCO” security token. Each shareholder will have the right to exchange shares for security tokens which are backed by Crypto Currency.


Cryptocurrency trading platform | Vuco Cash

What is !!

Crypto Cap Trades is the only decentralized exchange platform that offers reliable global deployment. Our 11 witness nodes are distributed in 11 cities in 8 countries around the world, ensuring lightning-fast network speeds, and providing stable and reliable trading services for hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrency traders worldwide.


With Crypto Cap Trades experience the era of decentralization, where you keep a private key by yourself, and master 100% of fund management rights. Users’ assets are locked in smart contracts, multi-signature in all supernodes ensures security.

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